The ancient capital’s traditional arts and hospitality are passed down by the maiko and geiko of Kyoto. When it comes to the women’s ornate kimono, obi belts and hair accessories, they are supported by countless artisans, such as traditional craftsmen, hairstylists and kimono dressers. As part of their ensemble, maiko wear a particularly gorgeous obidome accessory on the tie around their waists called a “potchiri”, which are treasured generation to generation. In order to express the beauty and overflowing vitality of wisteria in full bloom, the RENKA potchiri utilizes original cut amethysts and traditional Japanese engraving techniques. Inspired by a garden viewed through a lattice window, the UMEUTAGE potchiri represents a maiko’s charming nature through the use of red carnelian stones in a three-dimensional setting, accompanied by mother of pearl and other lovely shades combined with Japanese-style engraving.

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