Care & Maintenance

This page applies to NIWAKA jewelry and high jewelry.

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How to Care for Your Jewelry

What should I do to care for my jewelry?

To ensure that you can enjoy your NIWAKA jewelry for years to come, it is important to store and care for it properly. Please see the Care & Handling Information page for detailed instructions.

Jewelry Repairs

Can you repair my jewelry?

Can you give me price and delivery time estimates for the repairs?

The jewelry and/or the NIWAKA packaging arrived damaged. What should I do?

Jewelry Repair Process

How can I get my jewelry repaired?

Jewelry Repair Process: Detailed Information

Do you have an affiliated partner that performs repairs in the United States?

Can jewelry purchased through the NIWAKA Brand Website be repaired at a NIWAKA store in Japan?

Can jewelry purchased at a NIWAKA store in Japan be sent for repairs from the United States?

Can I get my jewelry cleaned at a NIWAKA store in Japan?